2012 SPC-UK Preview

Well, it’s early February and time to be looking ahead to the new Super Production Cup season. Unfortunately information is sketchy at best regarding the rule set for the F1 class. What I do know is that it will now be split into two classes. One will be for ‘modern’ cars and one for ‘retro’ cars. The new class structure has come about due to the differences between cars that are based on the older F1 designs (80′s, 90′s etc) and the new ones designed to be like their modern speed-restricted full-sized counterparts. There is still a strong following for these older cars and they are faster than the modern equivalents so there will always be a place for them and probably always be these two classes.

The new rules now mean there will be a split in tyre types as well. The ‘modern’ class will be running rubber tyres and the ‘retro’ foam. I am planning on running my trusty F103 again – so will be running foam. I am looking forward to returning to foam running as I always found it great fun in the 1990′s when I raced in the Tamiya Eurocup.

The other big change for 2012 will be the introduction of brushless motors and speed controllers. There will still be the option to run brushed motors if you wish. The F1 cars in both classes will have the option of running the Mardave G2 brushed or a 21.5T brushless motor. It will be interesting to see which is better over the course of the season. I believe that we will see brushless emerge victorious this year, but it’s just my opinion!

We will also be seeing a more diverse range of cars taking to the track in 2012. The rules on chassis has been opened up meaning that you can run hop-ups from any manufacturer which will see some interesting designs and parts emerging.

So how do I feel about the new season? Hard to say really. Whilst I see the reasons for the changes and welcome the ones regarding chassis I am a little worried about the brushless situation. I do hope that the brushless setups don’t wipe the floor with the brushed, as from a personal point of view I can’t afford to invest in a brushless system this year – we will see.

After a bit of a wait this year we have finally got the calendar for the 2012 season and can set about booking other events around the season. It was a shame it was out so late this year as I had to book my holiday and will now miss the third and fourth rounds, but that’s life! The full calendar for the 2012 season is:

Rounds 1&2 – April 22nd – Ardent Raceway

Rounds 3&4 – May 13th – Colchester

Rounds 5&6 – May 27th – Broxtowe

Rounds 7&8 – June 24th – Eastbourne

Rounds 9&10 – July 8th – Southend

Rounds 11&12 – July 29th – Cotswolds

Rounds 13&14 – September 23rd – Maritime Raceway

It promises to be an interesting season, and sees some interesting changes. Adur is not on the calendar for this year as well as Yateley. There was a possibility that Snetterton would return for this year but it seems that this has not been possible. However, we see the very welcome return of the Eastbourne circuit that last hosted a meeting in early-2010 as well as a new circuit – Maritime Raceway – in Kent.

It looks to be a very interesting year ahead with lots of new cars and rules which should really mix things up. I am very much looking forward to it.

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Welcome to my website. I am 31 years old and have been racing RC cars since 1994. Almost all of my RC experience is with Tamiya F1 cars having first raced an F102 and then an F103. I race in the UK Super Production Cup Championship and achieved sixth place in 2010, winning three finals.